About SWCorporation in Uganda / South SudaN

Who we are

Sustainable World Corporation partner in Uganda / South Sudan. 

"Make business - not war" 

Under the simple slogan make business - not war Jenny Jakobsson and her colleague Newton Waniba started their common vision of a partnership for solid and flourishing companies that will impact the development in the county positively. Shortly after this the young country faced political violence. Along with many South Sudanese Mr Waniba with family needed to move out of the country due to the harsh conditions and hibernate with millions of his fellow Sudanese in the South East regions of Uganda. Despite this his entrepreneurial skills, devotion and high standards never has diminished. A SWC partnership in Uganda/South Sudan is developed. And the early stages of the creation of a SWC business hub may now take place.

Lagu Abada, Newton Waniba and Malish Ramba

What we do

Investments, collaboration, partnership.

Objectives: Make business - not war.

Jenny Jakobsson, Adlignum AB and Newton Waniba, Goshen Group, South Sudan together with a business angel have initiated and are running an ongoing collaboration for more than five years. It targets the local production of goods to raise funds for production units and investments within the South Sudan borders.

Newton Waniba

Mr Newton Waniba, key partner in Uganda / South Sudan


Newton Waniba with colleagues.

"SWC remains the best tool in engaging like-minded African and Swedish entrepreneurs for win-win partnerships among the old and future attendees. Hope to see all in South Sudan one day - like Rwanda, virtues will define South Sudan and East Africa at large. Happy Prime Season for Africa!"
- Newton Waniba, April 15, 2017. [fb,@sustainableworldcorporation]

"This is a journey of no return; win win partnerships, good practices, growth, innovation and creation of massive jobs will remain to be pursued with diligence."
- Newton Waniba, June 05, 2019.[fb,@sustainableworldcorporation]

SWCorporation partnering team: from left to right mr Lagu Abada, Newton Waniba and Malish Ramba

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