About SWCorporation in south AFRICA


Sustainable World Corporation is partnering with the  Prowess Leadership Institute, Ltd in South Africa and Swaziland.

An Ltd was formed, in 2020, to promote internet capacity and education.


Facilitative Leadership Training  - Putting the puzzle together, Zambia Summer Challenge, 2017.


What we do

Shaping mentoring programs, coaching and teaching at the Swedish Winter Challenge and at the Zambian Summer Challenge. Interactive facilitative leadership programs with coaching and mentorship training, combined with business events and exposure to the markets.

Our aim is to develop sustainable growth through win-win business development with our colleagues in the African and Swedish business hubs!
Leadership training, mentoring and teaching, exchange, exposure, close collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures are the tools we are using to achieve it.

We are growing a holistic entrepreneurial business culture with partners and hubs. 

We work inside out. Building the business platform and culture that allows trust, human and economic growth respecting the planet's resources.

October 2020 - Leadership training in communication
Charles White, Prowess Leadership Institue South Africa and Annika Hall invite leaders to a training in SAVI System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction. 


Charles and Renée White.

Charles White

Charles White
Founder of the Prowess Leadership Institute, South Africa and Sustainable World Corporation - teaching and demonstrating coaching tools at the Swedish Winter Challenge.

Renée Malan White

Renée White.
Acquisition of mentoring and coaching skills at the Facilitative Leadership Program.

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