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Newsletter of the SWC INNOVATION HUB 
vol. 1 issue1 SEPT 19  
"The Journey Beginns"

Workshop - with Annika Hall, 2018

Field trip, to visit a site where the enterprice Tafauti Ltd, founded by Yahaya Yanuna, is running a quarry, in April 2018. 


The Sustainable World Corporation Nig serves to; Identify certified Companies with Raw Materials, Services and Products to Foster business networking, International Trade and Serve as a bridge for Business to Business and Business to Consumer relationships. In October 2018, the Sustainable World Corporation Hub was launched to serve as a stronghold for budding and blooming Entrepreneurs to build, engage and scale their businesses under one roof. These businesses have the benefit of mentoring sessions from resident mentors and encouragement from one another. The Entrepreneurs enjoy monthly workshops, seminars, one-on-one sessions and especially fika! 


"Taking a closer look at Companies coming from Nigeria it was observed that there was a need to encourage sustainability and this required a resetting of the mind set of the Business founders who are young, bootstrapping and in need of mentoring for their businesses. Certain training and workshops such as the Itzinya Startup Academy and Family Business Workshops have been at the forefront of preparing business founders to operate their businesses with the mindset for sustainability and International trade, while creating a community and providing spaces for them to be able to work and belong to a community of like minded business founders. This was incorporated at the initial stage with the Itzinya Incubator in 2017 where a large hall was provided for mainly graduates for the Itzinya Startup Academy while other businesses within the network rented shops within the same plaza. It was started with 4 startup company founders."

Entrepreneurs showcasing at a business fair held in April 2019 by SWC Nigeria Ltd and Izinya in Abuja.

Young entrepreneur in the food processing industry, producer of date sugar. Participant in the Izinya Academy  in 2018.

Itzinya academy 2019


Manpan Wungak, founder SWC Nigeria Ltd and Sustainable World Corporation

Yila Umaru and Yahaya Yunana co-founders SWC Nigeria Ltd. Glory Ojali, Meraki Solutions, partner and administration.

Queen and Jonathan Ododo, co-founders SWC Nigeria Ltd.


We are growing a holistic entrepreneurial business culture with partners and hubs. We work inside out. Building the business platform and culture that allows trust, human and economic growth respecting the planet's recources. 

Our aim is to develop sustainable growth through win-win business development with our colleagues in the Swedish and African Hubs - and beyond! Exchange, exposure, close collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures are the means.

Business development. 

Key resource when establishing and formalizing a SWC entety in a  new country. Providing mentorship, training and guidance.

Itzinya Academy in Abuja - a city based program to equip entrepreneurs.

Arranging business fairs.

Family Business development, Centre of excellence. Hosting the research program with Annica Hall and Jenny Jakobsson, Jönköping University, on family held businesses. 



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