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In Kenya the Sustainable World Corporation is partnering with I Choose Life. Through out the past years we have had 15 persons from Kenya, at the Swedish Winter Challenge Program, thus building a strong base of relations, trust and friendship with entrepreneurs, leaders from NGOs and government representatives. We are also associated with Womankind, its leaders and community officials in the Garissa County.


Read about the Innovation Hubs organized by I choose Life here!

Mike and two young entrepreneurs 2019 preparing for the exibition at  the Nairobi Innovation Week

In January 2021 The whole ICL team did the Facilitative Leadership Training provided by Prowess Leadership Institute at the Swedish Winter Challenge and attended the business forum, masterclasses and business visits. There after in end of march The Jiinue Business Accelerator boot camp took place in ten counties with 250 youngsters enrolled. A veritable success with hands on business training on a broad variety of topics that covers basic aspects of being an entrepreneur leading a venture. Top of the line teaching provided by experts in their fields. 



Co-creation of an Accelerator for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. "Our goal to increase revenue, profits and jobs of SMEs in Kenya through the building capacity of the entrepreneurs and creating a more innovative County responsive entrepreneurial ecosystem".

During 2018 - 2019, Mike Mutungi, Nairobi together with colleagues and partners were piloting The Jiinue Business Accelerator. The program was co-created with Sustainable World Corporation Sweden and the senior business consultants Lars Birging and Thomas Hagwall, Science Park Jönköping.

The Accelerator were offered to Kenyan enterprises in order to scale up or accelerate new ideas and take them to the market. Coaches were trained during the process. 

We made an opportunity for international guests in our network - from African countries and Sweden - to come to the exhibition and presentations during Nairobi Innovation Week, June 2019. To network and meet the entrepreneurs/enterprises.

Effects, Jiinue Business Accelerator, June 2019

"An increased number of closed deals with core clients during the Jiinue Accelerator 20 week period than during an average 20 week period of time, indicates that this kind of dedicated and active work with the value proposition and business model, among other focused areas is efficient and worth the cost in terms of time and money for the companies enrolled in the accelerator."
The business leaders of the companies, when interviewed after the eight modules of coaching that stretched over a 20 week period of time, gave testimonies that exemplifies the impact and outcomes in terms of clearer market knowledge, better understanding of the product, refined strategies and signed contracts with strategic customers. 

INNOVATION WEEK 2019 - Innovation & Kenya's Big Four Agenda.

June 10-14, Nairobi

SWC and the Jiinue Business Accelerator will be at the Nairobi Innovation Week. The theme of the fifth Nairobi innovation week is innovation and Kenya's big four agenda:

Food Security and Nutrition
Enhancing Manufacturing
Universal Health Coverage
Affordable Housing

Wish to meet us there? Or do you wish to join us travelling to Kenya in June? Please contact Jenny Jakobsson  -  read more here.  Main contact in Nairobi is mr Mike Mutungi,  Jiinue Business Accelerator.


INBJUDAN: Invitation Swedish



We wish to thank the coaches and colleagues from Cameroon, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria, the Swedish stakeholders, I Choose Life and Mike Mutungi and his team for an outstanding week in Nairobi!

Many good and important meetings were held, and deepening engagement and trust was shaped: on the Jiinue Business Accelerator process and its outcome, on political level and on various enterprise collaborations.


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