Sustainable World Corporation

Who we are

We are a group of committed international entrepreneurs with a passion for value-based sustainable business development. All have different professional backgrounds. 

In order to have an infrastructure, we have organized ourselves in entities in some countries, hubs. The hubs are independent and we develop our collaboration depending on the opportunities in the local context. We meet regularly in the SW Corporation council for planning and development of the collaboration. There is no hierarchical relationship between the hubs.

Presentation: Business Eco System Sustainable World Corporation - a business community for sustainable change. 



"An international community of brave and reflective entrepreneurs leading profitable and prosperous ventures positively impacting stakeholders and communities in Africa, Sweden and beyond."



To empower entrepreneurs who are agents for sustainable transformation by creating opportunities for multidimensional organic growth.

The SWC Family Business Team is developing a Center of Excellence for family-held businesses in Nigeria. Today companies die with their owners. The acquisition of knowledge and skills to do transitions to the next generations is the key.


In 2014, the Swedish team got this crazy idea about inviting African business leaders to Sweden in January, the coldest month in Sweden… The response was overwhelming and we understood that there is a need for a structured, professional business network that empowers the members and the local business communities. 





Entrepreneurs who are agents for sustainable change through the development of value based profitable companies.



"SWCorpration is a network of companies to build long-term, reliable partnerships, primarily between small and medium-sized Swedish and African companies. With our partners in countries in Africa, we create a broad network, geographically, in terms of industry and competence." Jenny Jakobsson, founder.


- We provide access to the African and the Swedish markets through our well developed and professional value-driven international network with knowledge and experience. 

- We provide awareness, opportunity and risk minimization.

- Working with us provides opportunities to business, making a change and doing something unique. You’ll be part of attractive and fruitful business culture.

- Roadmap and tools for development Facilitative Leadership Training - FLD. 


Examples OF WHAT WE DO
  • - Swedish Winter Challenge, an annual business event since 2015 with participants from twenty+ countries.
  • -Abuja Business Week.
  • - Mentoring and coaching for growth of existing companies.
  • In collaboration with our partners and local entrepreneurs: 
  • - The Itzinya Academy has facilitated  > 80 start-ups so far, which have rendered 100+ new jobs.
  • - Mini fair and exhibition of start-ups in Abuja Nigeria.
  • - Investments, e.g. through Naventure Nordic AB.
  • - Centre of Excellence for Family Business.
  • - Family Business Succession Workshops with > 40 participants representing privately-held businesses.
  • - A participatory action research project in family business development with 8 Nigerian businesses. 
  • - Co-creation of The Jiinue Business Accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • - Envisioning development of Intra African partnerships.
  • - New jobs have been created in Nigeria, Namibia, Uganda and in South Sudan.
  • - Emerging export textile items and products for use in the production of skincare products.
  • -Emerging business partnerships in the tech sector.

Annika Hall guided at a construction site by Yahaya Yunana Abuja, Nigeria 2018.

Charles White, South Africa, main teacher at the FLD, Facilitative Leadership Training on Swedish Winter Challenge.

Dina Kachaje, Bozwana/Mali at the Swedish Winter Challenge  2018.



Jenny Jakobsson founder and co-creator of Swedish Winter Challenge and of the network of enterprises partnering with the Sustainable Word Corporation Hubs. 



Team task at the Facilitative Leadership Training FLD.



Ekom Martin, Cameroon at the Swedish Winter Challenge 2018.


Nabintu Mujambere, DR Congo, pitching at a business event at the Swedish Winter Challenge, Jönköping 2017.


Queen Ododo and Salome Umaru, Nigeria, exhibitioners at the faire at Swedish Winter Challenge 2017.

Lunchtime at restaurant OOTO. Glory, Queen, Anders, Ann and Salome at the Johanneberg Science Park.
Chalmers, Gothenburg 2017.

Participing entrepreneurs at the Zambian Summer Challenge 2017.

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