This course given by SWC Nigeria and Green Strategy Sweden is open for registrations worldwide.
The course will be held in English. Dates 10-5-21 – 11-6-21 

Circular Fashion Essentials is a new online course, to be premiered in spring 2021.
The course will provide the participants with the essentials of circular fashion. It is a live, interactive and engaging program, where students will participate in online lectures and workshops via Zoom. Participants will join from all over the world, thereby creating a dynamic environment with engaging discussions for real-life applications.
The course facilitators (Anna Brismar and Manpan Wungak) will be present in all lectures and workshops to enable direct interactions with the participants.
The course has been developed by Anna Brismar (senior consultant and owner of Green Strategy) in partnership with Manpan Wungak (Business Mentor and Co-founder of Sustainable World Corportion Nigeria Ltd). Since 2014, Anna has been instrumental in developing and expanding the field of circular fashion. She not only coined and defined the term circular fashion in 2014, but since, has also developed key principles, models, and tools, all of which will be presented during the course. The same tools and concepts are used by Brismar as part of Green Strategy’s professional consultancy services. They may now be yours to benefit from in your own work.

You will be finding all further details on the course Cirkular Fashion Essentials here!

Important dates (spring 2021)

  • -Course start: Monday May 10th
  • -Course ends: Friday June 11th
  • -Registration opens: April 14th
  • -Registration closes: May 7th at 23:59 CEST
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