Sustainable World Corporation is partnering with Nabintu Mujambere, founder and CEO of Future Hope Africa in the DRC.

A relationship was formed in 2016 as Nabintu participated in the Swedish Winter Challenge in Jönköping, Sweden. Nabintu got engaged in, and started thereafter to facilitate entrepreneurial training and to run a Summer Camp for Children and Youth to shaffhold the growth of leaders with sound and healthy leadership skills, besides the NGO she is leading.

Early summer in 2020 the discussion started on how to partner and explore possibilities to form a community like the SWC Hub in Nigeria, in the DRC. SWC Nigeria Ltd facilitates the process and Nabintu has put together a team that get mentoring and training by Manpan Wungak, Abuja, Nigeria. 


To me SWC is a life-changing experience. It is more than a mentoring training, it is more than a training to develop business leading skills, it is more a place to meet skilled people who might help one develop her/his skills, it is more than a place where you connect with people and are offered new opportunities, … it is all that and also a melting-pot for different cultures for a constructive purpose. It is a place where the weak feels lifted up not to emphasize her/his weakness and her/his differences but to feel equally accepted and appreciated by the strong. It is a good place to be!

Nabintu Mujambere, Future Hope Africa Democratic Republic Of Congo

Nabintu Mujambere, key partner in the DRC

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